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Hits and Misses | April

April has flown by! Is it just me or does everyone else feel like this year is rushing past at lightening speed?

I am rarely organised enough to get a favourites post out on time each month, but there have been a few products that I have really loved (and some not so) in April that I thought I would share with you. Some of the products will not be a surprise as I have written about them in detail already. I will list the links for those reveiws at the end.

Nothing screams warm more than peach eye looks!

As April means Autumn in Australia I have been desperately clinging on to my summer colours and this includes my eyeshadows. Nothing screams warm more than peach eye looks! I am loving my Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette and I have not been able to put this baby down. From simple day looks to night time glam It has been great for creating so many looks that I love on a daily basis. I have written a post on this one a little while ago including swatches.


Another favourite has been the Urban Decay Afterglow Blush in the colour Score. This little blush has jumped to my top favourite blush pushing Mac’s Melba off the vanity. (Not quite but close…..hehehe) It is finely milled, blending beautfully and so easily. It looks amazing on! I can’t wait to try some more colours from the range.


This powder foundation from Leesa Barr has also found a spot in my heart. I like to rotate my powders each day and this is in my go to squad. This powder gives more coverage than some so for those girls that like a medium to heavy coverage this one is a great option.


I am not very good with false lashes. I feel like they just look silly on me and drive me a little crazy. (I am, however, keen to try @nikkiajoycosmetics new release though as she says that her range has something for every eye shape….stay tuned as I will be testing these babies out). So I am always looking for a mascara that makes my lashes as big as possible. And for less than $10 (pretty sure it was only $5.40) The Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect mascara is the bomb! I was just using it for special occasions, but this has become my daily mascara.


Now onto the Misses. I don’t like to be a negative nance but there are occasions when we just can’t avoid it. There is nothing worse than spending money and the product is something you will never use.

The Modelsprefer brand is not one that I would usually go for as it has had a few misses for me. In saying that I do like their brushes, maybe I will do a post on these in the near future. This Radiance/Collection Ultimate Illuminating Palette looked awesome so grabbed it try as none of the other drugstore brands seemed to have released a highlighting palette at the time. I bought it quite awhile ago now and didn’t overly like it so put it away and never gave it another thought. But while I was re-organising my makeup recently I found it and thought I would give it another chance to win my heart.

Sadly this is a fail for me. The packaging is super cute and sleek with a great mirror, but compared to other highlighting palettes I have tried this one is not worth the money. The powder is very….well…… powdery and the colours really don’t do anything on the skin.  They swatch ok but when applied to the face they don’t really work for me. I find them to be a very subtle highlight and the colours just where not doing it for me. I was really disappointed.

That’s all of my hits and misses for this month. Have you tried any of these? Did you like or dislike them? Let me know in the comments below as I would love to know.


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