Review | Makeup Geek x Kathleen Lights Highlighter

Shine bright like a diamond! To some this palette is probably old news! But I have only just recently discovered it and wanted to give you my thoughts! First things first, I am a HUGE fan of Makeup Geek products! They are extremely affordable and the quality is fantastic! This palette is no different.


I have struggled to find a highlighter that I feel suits my skin tone. This wasn’t due to not liking them, but being medium tone with a yellow undertone I didnโ€™t always like the look of them on my face as they are too pink or white and I think they look a little strange. I mean, who wants a streak of white across their check bones…um.. I don’t think so! So with lots of trial, error and testing, I have only recently added a couple of highlighters to my collection, this palette has been one of them.

Makeup Geek x Kathleen Lights Highlighter Palette

After I noticed Makeup Geek had this little gem on sale a little while ago I started googling for reviews. Yep, I check reviews before I commit too! The reviews were raving! With some comments saying that they were surprised that all three colours suited them when they expected only one or two would be any good. So into my basket this little girl went.


The packaging is a sleek and sturdy cardboard style palette that holds three different highlighters. The palette is black with a metallic rose gold print and a metallic clasp to keep it closed. It also has a white cardboard sleeve that it slips into which is cute and great to help protect the palette itself. There isn’t a mirror inside but that doesn’t bother me.

The highlighters themselves are quite a large size pan with the most gorgeous imprint on them. Each pan is 7 grams which is pretty good considering there are 3 in the palette – a total of 21 grams. In comparison my Mac Mineralize Skinfinish has 10 grams for just the one colour. Great value for money!

Swatches and Colours

The colours are

  • Nightlight – light gold with a reflective luminous finish
  • Starlight – rosy pink with a reflective luminous finish
  • Sunlight – soft copper with a reflective luminous finish


Final Thoughts

I love this palette! The highlighters themselves are creamy and buttery. There is no chunky glitter and they apply smoothly, which I love in a highlighter. You can get a nice subtle glow or use a little Mac Fix+ for a more intense highlight. Even at full price i think it is great value for money and a must have. It would be great for a highlighter junkie or a highlighter newbie alike.

Have you tried this palette? What were your thoughts? Would love to know. xx


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13 thoughts on “Review | Makeup Geek x Kathleen Lights Highlighter

  1. I was just on the Makeup Geek website the other day looking at their highlighters! I think I would opt for the really light highlighters with my fair skin rather than this palette but I’m sure the formula is exactly the same (i.e. amazing). I’ll have to budget for a bit and have a bit of a shop I think! Great post, Michelle! xx

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