#Sharethelove – Supporting Fellow Bloggers

Being a new blogger I have been blown away by the support I have received from fellow bloggers! When I started I was really excited, but I wasn’t even sure if anyone would be reading my posts!  But in the last few months I have received 200 likes on my page and lots of support from fellow bloggers! That support makes my day every time my WordPress app beeps and tells me there is a new comment or like on a blog post!

Along with the support there is always negativity. This is everywhere, not just social media. Sadly there are people out their that feel the need to put others down. I think there should be more women supporting women instead of tearing them apart. We all have different talents, passions, dreams and goals. Let’s encourage this in fellow women. Different doesn’t mean bad, just different! The world would be pretty boring if we were all the same!

Recently, one of my favourite bloggers Elley Mae uploaded a new post – Why you Should Support Your Fellow Bloggers. This blog inspired me to write my own blog post to share the love and hopefully start a new tag amongst the blogging community.

Elley Mae writes:

‘Now, here’s a little task for you all. I want you to choose 3 of your favourite Instagram influencers or bloggers. Now go to their page, leave a comment and remind them why they love blogging. Keep them inspired, make someones day & karma is bound to give back to you.’

What a great idea! So to kick off the #shareingthelove tag I will start with 3 of my  (many) favourites!

  1. The Minted Blog / (IG: @themintedblog) The Minted Blog is a Beauty, Life and Style blog with some amazing pictures and great articles on a range of topics. Always a great place for some inspiration.

  1. The Life of Laura / (IG: @the.life.of.laura) Gorgeous Beauty and makeup pictures and articles that make you dream and want every single item photographed!

  1. Lulus Palette Blog / (IG: @lulus_palette) Lulu is such a beautiful supportive person. Her Instagram is gorgeous, filled with pictures of makeup and beauty products. Her blog page is still in early stages…Can’t wait to see the progression here!

Don’t feel like you have to be tagged to start. If you are keen to share the love for your favourite bloggers go for it! Just remember to:

  1. Tag the person that either tagged you or inspired you to write the blog. Link their Instagram page and/or blog website so others can share the love. Write why you love their blog or Instagram page
  2. Tell everyone what inspires you. We all have bad days or an inspiration block! Let everyone know how you beat this, Pinterest, Instagram, spending the morning down the beach catching up on reading your favourite blogs…whatever it is, let us know.
  3. Put a Comment on the 3 chosen blogs and/or Instagram pages to let them know so they can #sharethelove!

Have fun exploring and finding new bloggers and Instagramers and remember to…



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27 thoughts on “#Sharethelove – Supporting Fellow Bloggers

      1. I did it!!! I just posted my first blog and its thanks to you…if not for your tagging me in this post, i would still have been sitting on my bum…waiting for the right time…thankyou so very much xoxo

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    1. I purchased an image pack from etsy with heaps of different brush strokes jpegs. Instant download! Then I use Phonto app for my wording on images. Let me know if you want me to link the store I bought the package from. Xx

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  1. Accidentally stumbled upon this article right after publishing my first post. The fear of getting lost amongst a sea of bloggers is definitely there, but also I feel that there is a sense of community here and that people are very supportive. Great post, lifting each other up is so important.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay! Congratulations on your first blog post! I will pop over and have a read. The blog world is huge with so many amazing blogs out there it does get a little daunting. But the support you can find through fellow bloggers is fantastic! Enjoy the journey! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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