Colour Pop – Mile High Collection

I finally decided to order some Colour Pop eyeshadows.  I always look admirably at their website and all of the gorgeous colours but there are so many to choose from (and just not enough money in my bank to buy them all…lol) so I am never sure which ones to pick.  The international shipping price is a little high as well.  So when they had free international shipping if you spend over $50 I was in!  I decided to go with a set to get me started – which is also great value for money!

The Mile High set is described as ‘Best of Super Shock Shadow Collection‘ and let me tell you I am impressed! The shadows are in individual little pots with a screw top lid. These are then incased in a gorgeous pink, white, purple and gold box. Inside the box is a mirror and the six shadows are tucked away in their own snug spot.

The eyeshadow itself is very different to any other eyeshadow I have used. It is soft and buttery to touch nearly like a cream but goes on as a powder. They are best applied using your fingers but easy to blend out the edges with a brush.

The colours that come in the pack are:

  • Truth – A neutral light beige eyeshadow with a warm satin finish
  • Nillionare – A warm bronze with ton of gold and multi coloured glitter in a Metallic finish
  • So Quiche – A soft olive with a highly reflective gold and pink violet glittery duo chrome metallic finish
  • LaLa – A true rose gold in an Ultra Metallic Finish
  • Cricket – A smokey mid-tone plum with warm and cool highlights of soft glitter
  • Mittens – A deep warm brown with a red violet undertone leaving a matte finish.

So far my favourite is So Quiche. It looks amazing on the centre of the lid over a brown smokey eye for a pop of dazzle! I will do a Makeup tutorial using this soon.

Would I buy more from Colourpop eyeshadows? Sure would! They are a gorgeous texture with some amazing colours and super affordable! They post worldwide and from America to Australia they were in my hot little hands in under two weeks! I would still probably wait for the free international shipping deals though.

Do you have any Colourpop eyeshadow colours that you love and can’t live without?  Leave them in the comments so I can check them out.

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4 thoughts on “Colour Pop – Mile High Collection

  1. Hi! I’m new to your blog! I love colourpop hauls and so this post totally drew me in! La la looks so pretty!!! I’m definitely going to get it next time I order from Colourpop! From Colourpop, I love their eyeshadow quads. I have Kathleen Lights collab quad #1 and the terra cotta quad. I recommend both!


  2. These look gorgeous! A great post, love the swatches.

    I would love to try Colour Pop, but shipping to the UK is a crazy amount of money. It”s a shame as their stuff is gorgeous and I’d love to try their stuff. Fingers crossed they come to the UK soon. In the mean time I’ll be reading your posts avidly!


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