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Is this my #Filter in a bottle?

I have not always used a primer, but have found in the last twelve months I cannot miss this step in my routine. I have tried quite a few primers with some not appearing to do what they claim and others I really enjoy.

I do have a few issues with my skin such as large pores and pitted scaring on my cheeks from my acne during my teen and early adult years. So I tend to pick primers that will have a smoothing affect to help create the illusion of flawless skin. However, I also struggle with my foundation breaking up on my nose.  My T-zone is very oily and sweats in the warmer months so it is always a challenge to keep my foundation on my nose and in place all day.

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Mecca Cosmetica Soft Focus Smoothing Primer

On my last expedition to Mecca Maxima I asked the awesome sales assistant what she recommended.  Her recommendation was the Mecca Cosmetica Soft Focus Smoothing Primer.  She assured me it would ‘change my life’ and gave me a sample to take with me.

I was a little skeptical of her claims but also hopeful.  I looked it up online and their website stated: ‘This high-performance primer not only improves the application and staying power of your foundation but it also smooths and nourishes your skin, instantly blurring the appearance of any fine lines or visible pores. Antioxidant vitamin Coenzyme Q10 protects against free radicals while Hyaluronic acid keeps your skin happily hydrated.’

Sounds too good to be true for an oily skin queen like me. The primer itself is white with the texture of a thick moisturiser. It feels velvety going on and melts in beautifully without leaving a film. There is definitely a smoother appearance of the skin once applied. It does have a fragrance, which i love, but if you are sensitive to smell you may find it strong.

It comes in two different sizes, 15ml $17.00 AUD and 45ml $40 AUD. The larger size is better value for money, but was sold out when I looked.

My foundation went on really nicely over the top – no slipping and sliding – thumbs up from me. So the next test was the staying power. As I previously stated, my makeup always separates off my nose first, followed by my chin. So this primer had a big job on its hands impressing me.

On a usual work day my makeup is on by 6.30am with my day ending around 5.00pm (sometimes longer) so that is at least 10 hours of wear. I have to say that this Mecca Cosmetica primer has definitely impressed me.  My foundation was still in great condition at the end of my day, with no real signs of breaking up on my nose or my chin. I also did not get the wet sensation I often feel on my chin (and sometimes cheeks) when my t-zone is starting to ‘get its oil on’.

My only negative (if you would call it that) is I’m not sure that it is as smoothing to my pores as some of the other pore minimising primers I have tried – but hey I have some huge pores to fill. So I am happy to layer up, and use a pore minimising primer in the areas that I feel need a little extra smoothing. All-in-all I was so impressed I jumped online ordered some from their website as I feel I can not live without this primer a second longer.

Let me know what primer you love or if you have tried this one, what you thought. xx


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