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ABH Modern Renaissance Vs BYS Berries | Dupe or Not?

Well here it is. My long awaited ABH Modern Renaissance Vs BYS Berries Palette dupe post. What took you so long, I hear you scream, Christmas is coming! I know, I know, I finally got myself sorted and got the camera out and swatched the colours of both palettes. So do I think these palettes are a dupe? Read on to find out just how similar (or not) they really are.

I have previously reviewed both of these palettes before. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance I have had for a while and you can find my review (here). I have even created a few looks using this palette in the past. I will link those posts at the end for anyone who hasn’t seen them yet and is wanting some inspiration for looks. I have also recently reviewed the BYS Berries Palette (here). So this post will just be a straight up comparison of the shadows and the packaging.

ABH Modern Renaissance Vs BYS Berries – Swatches

I will start with comparing swatches. I apologise in advance as I am not always good at swatch photos. But hopefully they are clear enough for you to see any differences. I have taken them in natural light to show them at their truest colour. I’m not going to go in any specific order, so lets start with the burgundy colours.

Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) Love Letter vs BYS Juliet: Love Letter is a little more on the darker red side where as Juliet has a more vibrant purple tone. These two are close but not close enough in my opinion to be a dupe. They would give a completely different finish to a look if used as a substitute.

ABH Venetian Red and BYS Cherry Bomb: BYS Cherry Bomb is slightly different toned and I think even more pigmented but not as smooth as the ABH Venetian Red. They both have a glitter to them, but this blends out when applied.

ABH Red Ochre and BYS Royalty: Red Ochre is a little bit more of a darker brown tone with Royalty being a little bit more on the red side.

BYS Berries vs ABH Modern Renaissance Swatches

BYS Berries vs ABH Modern Renaissance Swatches

ABH Cyrus Umber and BYS Shaded: These two are slightly different. Enough that I wouldn’t call them a dupe. ABH Cyprus Umber is definitely darker and has great depth to it. An awesome colour to create that smokey eye look without using a black shadow.

ABH Antique Bronze and BYS Antique: These two are a gorgeous shimmer shadow. The photo swatch just doesn’t do it justice. They are very similar in colour with one being only slightly darker, but only on close inspection.

ABH Realgar and BYS Majestic:  Realgar is one of my favourite colours in the palette, but that probably isn’t a surprise if you follow my blog or Instagram. I always love a good orange toned shadow. This one is not close enough to Majestic for me to say dupe, but still similar in depth and pigment.

Anastasia Beverly Hills vs BYS Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills vs BYS Palette

ABH Fresco and BYS Berry Haze. These two are really similiar. Just a slight difference but I think they could be easily substituted for each other.

ABH Vemeer and BYS Radiance. You can’t see these two in the photo overly well. They get a little lost on my skin tone. But close up Vemeer is slightly golden, or even a little more peach where as Radiance is more pink toned. But only slightly.

ABH Burnt Orange and BYS Toffee. These guys and the next two, ABH Raw Siena and BYS Sundown, are extremely close. To me these are as close to a perfect dupe as you will get.

BYS Berries vs ABH Modern Renaissance Swatches

BYS Berries vs ABH Modern Renaissance Swatches

ABH Primavera is a lighter gold compared to the BYS Glow which is a little darker and deeper. But again, only just.

ABH Tempera and BYS Peachy are also very close in colour. One might be slightly more on the peach side.

Modern Renaissance v Berries – Packaging

The packaging is very different but also similar. The Modern Renaissance palette is a hard cardboard palette covered in mauve velvet (which can I just say is a pain to keep clean) while the Berries palette is in a tin form made of metal and plastic. Kind if reminds me of the old tin pencil case. However the colouring is very similar. So its pretty hard to not draw the conclusion that this was designed to be a dupe.

ABH Modern Renaissance and BYS Berries Palette

ABH Modern Renaissance and BYS Berries Palette

Final Thoughts

The shadows themselves are very similar colour wise. Some closer than others. Some of the tones are a little different, but all in all, they are very similar. The shadows themselves are more of a buttery feel in the ABH palette but the pigments are still great in both and blend well. I also found that the colours that are similar also match in texture ie: matte or shimmer. So do I think this is a dupe? I sure do. The only thing I will say is the ABH Modern Renaissance palette has 14 colours in total so two more colours than the BYS Berries palette. These are Golden Ochre and Warm Taupe. Both are great crease and/or transition colours depending on the look your are creating. However, BYS Toffee and Sundown can also be used for the crease.

If you are looking for an affordable alternative for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette then this one would be a great addition to your collection. xx

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