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Nude by Nature Flawless Foundation

Nude by Nature Flawless Liquid Foundation | Foundation Files

I really enjoyed doing the three day wear test on The Ordinary foundation (you can find that review here) and really wanted to do another review for my oily skinned girls. So today’s wear test is on the Nude by Nature Flawless Liquid Foundation. I have not used a lot of products from this brand, but the packaging had me hooked and their claims sounded right up my alley so was keen to give it a go.


Nude by Nature Flawless Liquid Foundation

Nude by Nature Flawless Foundation

The Nude by Nature website has a customer rating for this one as 4.6 stars. It is described as ‘A long wearing, liquid foundation that instantly delivers a flawless medium to full coverage with a satin matte finish’. Sounds perfect to me. They also describe it as ‘The Flawless Liquid Foundation instantly provides a smooth and flawless finish but looks and feels like a second skin thanks to natural pigments that act in seamless affinity with the complexion. The oil free and fragrance free formula is buildable from a medium to flawless coverage, is long wearing and gives the skin an even, satin matte finish.

Formulated with good for you natural ingredients, including Bamboo Powder for a soft focus effect, Baobab Fruit Extract, and the antioxidant rich Australian native Kakadu Plum and Lilly Pilly to benefit the skin, it delivers lasting, flawless coverage with each application.’

Nude by Nature Flawless Liquid Foundation

Nude by Nature Flawless Foundation

I decided to give this one a go as Nikkia Joy used it one of her videos and said she had used it a few times and quite liked it. She also has a discount code (Use code ‘NIKKIAFLAWLESS’ to get 40% off your first online order!!) so makes it super affordable. But instore you are looking at the $40 mark. Which I feel is very expensive for a chemist/drug store brand. So fingers crossed it is worth its money. The packaging itself is stunning. Rose gold makes my heart sing. The bottle itself is a tall skinny frosted glass bottle with a pump top. I love a pump with foundation. You use a lot less as there is no wastage and once you know how many pumps you need its quick and easy every time. Plus its hygenic, no bacteria finding its way into my foundation.

Day 1 Wear Test:

I decided to start with my fail proof base, the same as I use every day. My usual skin care routine, no strange moisturisers or sunscreens. I love using my Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer – it never fails me, ever. So I felt like this is the perfect starting point for my first day of testing.

Nude by Nature Flawless Liquid Foundation

Nude by Nature Flawless Foundation

I applied the foundation with the Nude by Nature Buffing brush. This is one of my favourite foundation brushes. It is perfect for stippling on my first layer followed by a damp beauty blender to give a flawless finish. If I need a second layer in any areas I use the damp sponge for this as well.

So, the foundation went on ok with the brush, but when I looked closely in the mirror it looked all spotty and sitting on the skin somehow. Quite frankly, it looked weird. So I went in with a second layer hoping to blend it out with the damp sponge and OMG! it was balling up, separating and pulling away. I had patches of skin with no makeup on and other areas that were completely hideous. What the? I have never had such a bad application on any other foundation before. As I was going to work I really didn’t have the time to muck around with a different primer today. So I took it off and will give it another go with a different primer tomorrow. Not a good start for this one, that’s for sure.

Nude by Nature Flawless Foundation buffing brush highlighter

Nude By Nature Flawless Foundation

Day 2 Wear Test:

This time I decided to try no primer. I always use one, but thought I would just see how it goes without one. Really give the foundation a good chance to show me how it works. I also used my fingers to apply (which I never do) as I thought this might be a better way to apply it. Well what can I say….it again looked like it was just sitting on the skin and little spots where I am guessing my large pores are, making me look will spotty. So I tried to blend it a little more and it just rubbed off in little balls. Well I am stumped. Really? I think my lack of words speaks loudly don’t you?

Day 3 Wear Test:

I was going to post this review last week, but felt that I really needed to give this foundation one more go. I hate to be beaten and I hate to be negative. So I tried again. Clean skin, no primer and basic application by hand. The foundation just doesn’t blend in. It moves around on top of the skin and either disappears, becomes a very sheer coverage or stuck to areas of my face and would not budge. It wouldn’t blend in just stuck there weirdly. So I grabbed a makeup wipe to take it off and half of it came off and some just stayed there, like a sheer weird looking film that kept moving around on my skin. I had to resort to a cleanser to remove it.

Final Thoughts on the Nude by Nature Flawless Liquid Foundation

I really don’t like to be a negative nancy, but I also want to be honest when reviewing products. It really hurts me to say this, but I am really upset about this one. The packaging is a huge 10 out of 10. It is beautiful and functional. The rose gold lid and glass bottle scream luxury. So the fact that the product itself is such a let down hurts just that little bit more. Maybe I can tip the foundation out and use the bottle for something else….any suggestions? I would love to know if you have used this foundation and if you were able to make it work for you. I hate wasting product, but at the moment, this just seems like a huge fail to me. xx


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