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Mac Cosmetics Snowball Collection

Mac Snowball Collection | Mini Haul

I was trying really hard to avoid looking at Mac’s 2017 Christmas collection. I knew without a doubt it would not end well if I actually saw the packaging. I thought I would be safe as I don’t live near either a Myer or Mac store and I can try not to look online to remove temptation. But with a beautiful sister that shares my obsessions, I had very little hope of avoiding picking up a few of the Mac Snowball Collection once she laid eyes on it in her local Myer store.

So with a FaceTime call telling me I need to see this collection and conversations with the assistants that know us both way to well (and I don’t even live there!), my decision was made and my unused Myer gift cards were used. So I thought I would share the things I picked. Because seriously, this collection is gorgeous and the only thing stopping me from buying more is the ones I want are already sold out!

Mac Snowball Pigment and Glitter Kit – Pink

Mac had some gorgeous pigment sets in their Christmas line last year as well. This years Snowball sets are equally gorgeous and come in the most adorable little rose gold sequin bag with a mirrored bauble. Absolutely stunning! The pigments and glitter are smaller than the normal size, but seriously, I am not sure I would use a full size in a lifetime anyway. With this in mind I think these are a great size and great value for money. In all honesty, I wish we could buy this size all the time.

The pink set contains:

  • Copper Sparkle (this is from their regular range) and is described as a smooth, high-shine copper pigment,
  • Whisper Pink – a soft beigey pink with pearl pigment and
  • Pink glitter

I can’t wait to play with these.

Mac Cosmetics Snowball Collection Pink Pigment Set

Mac Cosmetics Snowball Pink Pigment Set


Mac Snowball Impalpable Glare Powder – Happy Go Dazzlingly


Mac Snowball Collection

Mac Snowball Impalpable Glare Powder

Highlighters are something I am loving at the moment so was extra excited about the Mac Snowball Impalpable Glare Powder in the colour ‘Happy Go Dazzingly’. It is a gorgeous gold highlight with a sparkle. The packaging is stunning, with the snowflake imprint on the powder itself and the stunning gold compact being beyond beautiful. Photos really don’t do this compact any justice. As with all of Mac’s compacts, there is a mirror inside making this compact perfect. I hope the snowflake stays in the powder for a long time as it ss so pretty. ┬áIt was hard deciding between this one and the other one, but I thought this colour would be safe for my skin tone. I am keeping my fingers crossed the other colour will be under the Christmas tree for me this year.

Mac Snowball Collection Impalpable Powder


Mac Snowball Brush Set – Mini

Mac’s Snowball Collection has a few different brush sets, all of which come with a matching little bag. Each set was a different colour (gold, silver and rose gold) and contained different brushes. I couldn’t resist the brush set – mini as I am loving rose gold and I was wanting the 421SE Full Powder Brush. It’s the perfect size for on the go touch ups and my old one was getting a little worse for wear. The other two brushes in this set are the 535SE Rounded Shadow Brush and 560SE Angled Liner/Brow Brush. I can’t wait to use them. They are so cute! To top it off, the matching bag with this set has the cutest little pom pom attached and I think would be a perfect little going out touch up bag.


Mac Snowball Collection Brush Set Mini

Mac Snowball Collection Brush Set Mini

There it is, everything I purchased from the Mac Snowball Collection for 2017! The packaging alone is to die for and I love it. Have you grabbed anything from this line? I would love to know. Wishing everyone a fabulous week. xx

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