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Colourpop Single Shadows

My Single Eyeshadow Collection | Colourpop

Colourpop Single Shadows could take over the world! Not really, but they are always releasing new ones and tempting me every time. Why Colourpop! Why!!! Luckily they are very affordable and ship internationally. So are their latest single shadows worth purchasing. Keep reading to to see what Colourpop shadows I have in my single eyeshadow collection.

When you go to the Colourpop website it can be a little overwhelming and hard to decide what colours to get. There are just so many to choose from. So hopefully my post will help you select the ones you want to try, or not to try, whichever the case my be.

I will start with saying, these eyeshadows are crazy pigmented! I cannot believe how pigmented they are! Especially for the price. Especially the dark matte colours. My advice? start with a light hand and build them up otherwise the look can get very muddy very quickly.

Colourpop Single Shadows

I felt that the best way to describe the shadows I have is to list the colour description from their website, followed by my comments and any dupes that I have found.

Top Notch – matte teracotta brown – a great brown colour. It is very similar to my Anastasia Beverly Hills Single Shadow in Morocco and also Summer Yum from my Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette.

Popular Demand – matte red brown – this is a little more red than top Notch and similar to Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear

Note to Self – matte warm caramel – This is a really nice warm caramel brown. It is very similiar to (a touch lighter than) my Makeup Geek Tan Lines and little bit like Too Faced Puree from the Sweet Peach Palette.

Criss Cross – matte brick orange – This is a dark reddish brown colour.

Colourpop Single Shadow Swatches

Colourpop Single Shadow Swatches top – bottom, Top Notch, Popular Demand, Note to Self and Criss Cross

Making Moves – matte hot coral – This is highly pigmented and is more on the red side of an orange. I would actually say it is in darker than Wait for It and brighter than Stay Golden but closer to Stay Golden with depth and pigment.

Stay Golden – Matte Rasberry – This is very much a raspberry colour. It is bright, vivid and extremely pigmented

Wait for It – Matte Hot peach – This is super pigmented and bright peachy/orange.

Sideline – duochrome eggplant with a green flip – This one has a brown base with the green flip which is a cool colour. Great for something different.

Play by Play – duochrome peach with a green gold flip – This is such a unique colour I don’t feel like it is really peach, the green gold flip is more of what I see when wearing this one.


Colourpop Single Shadows

Colourpop Single Shadows Top Row L-R Making Moves, Stay Golden, Wait for it. Second Row L-R Sideline, Play by Play


Hear me Out – Matte White Peach – This colour can barely be seen on my skin. You might not even notice it at the very top of the swatches below. So it is a great colour to set my eyeshadow base before applying colours.

Let me Explain – Metallic Ivory – This throws a little pink on my skin (not that it shows in the swatch below) It is a very cute colour.

Time Out – this one does not appear to be on the website any more so I can’t give you their descritpion but it is a metallic rosey pink colour. Quite similar to my Makeup Geek In the Spotlight shadow but a little bit of a brighter pink.

High Strung – Metallic Dusty Rose – This is my favourite. It is such a pretty colour. Looks gorgeous on the lid and has beautiful texture.

Liar Liar – Metallic Pale Pink – This one is not very well seen on my skin tone either. Would be more suited to a paler colouring.

On the Fence – Frosty Pink – It is definately a frosty pink but I think I throws a little lavender on my skin as well. I am a little disappointed with this pigmentation of this one. This is probably more suited to a paler skin tone.

Outta Luck – Matte Peachy Pink – More pink than peach in my opinion. But that could just be on my skin tone.

Secrets – Matte pale baby pink – This is darker than Outta Luck and more on the pink side

Coloupop Single Shadows


Colourpop Swatches

Colourpop Swatches colours top to bottom, L-R Hear Me Out, Let Me Explain, Time Out, High Strung, Liar Liar, On the Fence, Outta Luck, Secrets

Final Thoughts

I am super impressed with the pigment in these shadows. They give great colour payoff, but if you go too heavy handed they can get a little muddy or the colours don’t end up as clean and clear as they should be when layered on top of each other.  They don’t feel as buttery as some of my other shadows, but they are great value for money, with a huge range of colours. Would I buy more? Sure would.

Colourpop single shadows

So there is my little collection so far. Have you tried these shadows? What ones have been your favourite? Let me know in the comments below.

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