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Poni Cosmetics Unicorn Champagne Highlighter

Review | Poni Cosmetics Unicorn Champagne Highlighter

Well its official, my highlighter collection is growing slowly but surely. For someone that never wore them, I now cannot live without them. I feel like my makeup just isn’t finished with one. Now I am not into really out there highlighters with an iridescent  purple glow to them. Maybe that is boring but I don’t see the point on spending money on a product that just won’t get enough use. And yes I am sure I have more than enough highlighters already, but I still had to get my hands on the Poni Cosmetics Unicorn Champagne Highlighter.


This highlighter was released in Australia on the 1st August 2017 along with their Candy Blush and Chocolate Bronzer. The Poni Cosmetics range has only been recently stocked in our local Hairhouse Warehouse so this was the first product that I have tried from their range. The highlighter grabbed my attention so this was the one I decided to start with.

Website: ‘Unicorn sparkle, rainbows and sunshine, this is Unicorn Champagne! The best and fairest highlighter in Unicorn land! With an ombré pressed powder ranging from low shimmer champagne to high shimmer champagne it is sure to please all!’

It wasn’t until I read this that I realised that this highlighter was in fact ombré. I know! and I buy makeup to review! What am I doing?! It just didn’t pop out at me when looking at it. The blush in this range is really obvious but the highlighter? Not so. But in saying that, what a great idea! Having one highlighter that can give a more subtle glow for day and a dazzle for night. What more could a girl ask for.


The packaging is gorgeous being rose gold all over. It sparkles and shimmers which of course sucks me right in! The compact is great quality with a mirror that takes up the whole compact which I love. It has a sturdy clasp and contains 7.14grams of product. I think this is pretty average weight wise. My new Dose of Colours Desi x Katy highligher has 7g (review here) and my Mac Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Beaming Blush has 9g. The cardboard packaging is also in matching rose gold. All in all, I love everything about it.

Poni Cosmetics Unicorn Champagne Highligher

Colour and swatches

It is a pretty champagne highlighter. The low shimmer side is perfect for day wear. It gives a really pretty glow without any crazy shine or sparkle. The high shimmer side is stunning. I will say though, the colour does vary from the low shimmer to the high shimmer side. when swatched the low shimmer is a little more of a ‘whiter’ champagne if that makes sense. With the High Shimmer having a more yellow champagne look to it. I have tried to show this in the photo below, but is harder to capture in a photo compared to real life. The powder itself is smooth and finely milled and goes on beautifully.

Poni Cosmetics Unicorn Champagne Swatches

Poni Cosmetics Unicorn Champagne Swatches Right – less sparkle, Left more sparkle end.

Final Thoughts

I do really like this highlighter and I am glad I picked it up. The low shimmer side on its own is pretty and great for that subtle day time glow. However I do wonder if it is just a little too light for my skin tone, especially during the summer months. It might be a little better during winter when I am a little paler. The high Shimmer side is a much better colour for my skin. Its not quite as dark in colour as the Dose of Colours Desi x Katy Highlighter in Fuego but similar. Honestly I think from a distance they could be easily used as a dupe! It really is a pretty colour highlighter. Would I purchase this one again? Yes!

I would love you to let me know what is your favourite highlighter. What other ones do you recommend I add to my collection? And remember, Never let anyone dull your sparkle! xx

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