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Desi x Katy Collection

Desi x Katy Dose of Colours Collaboration | First Impression

I love rose gold, glitter and makeup! And the new Desi x Katy Dose of Colours Collaboration¬†has it all! I don’t always get sucked in to a new release but I couldn’t ignore this one. I follow both Desi and Katy on Youtube and the packaging looked perfect! I was lucky enough to grab some before it all sold out. Mine has finally arrived from America (it took two and a half weeks to reach Australia). Read on if you would like to know if I think it is a hit or a miss.

I was so excited to open this parcel when it arrived. I couldn’t wait and I wasn’t disappointed! Each item comes in a rose gold cardboard box with Dose of Colours on the front and Katy and Desi’s name on the top end. It looks so luxe, from the packaging all the way to the product itself. Seriously, I would buy this line alone just for the packaging. I purchased the eyeshadow quad ‘The Girls’, one of the Highlighters ‘Fuego’ and one of the lipsticks ‘More Creamer Please’.

Desi x Katy Dose of Colours Collaboration

Desi x Katy Collection

Desi x Katy Dose of Colours –¬†The Girls

The Desi x Katy eyeshadow quad is super cute! There are four very different glittery colours, but no matte colours. I would normally say I don’t like a palette to only have glittery colours, but these colours as so pretty I am happy to forgive them. It just means that I will always need to have a matte colour handy for using in the crease. So far I have loved using my Makeup Geek single shadow in Tan Lines. It has been perfect.

Two of the shadows are designed to be used wet and two dry. Desi and Katy recommend application with your finger tip to get the best results. I have used both my fingers and a brush and have to agree, using your finger works best. But a brush did work with the colours that are used wet. So far I have used Suz and Noli. These two colours are gorgeous on! I love each colour being so different. This means lots of different looks from one small palette. I can’t wait to try Turbosan next.

The only down side I have found so far is when I used Noli without any glitter glue as a base, it did not hold as well with my hooded crease. But this is a common problem for me and I often find using the shadow wet with a little fix plus or applying my too faced glitter glue helps fix this.

Desi x Katy The Girls Eyeshadow Quad

Desi x Katy The Girls Eyeshadow Quad

Suz – top left – crisp bright champagne shade – use wet

Harpoon – bottom right – cool tone green base with green and gold reflects – use wet

Turbosan – bottom left – ultra-luxe shadow that’s packed with shimmering reflects – use dry

Noli – top right – sultry bronze with gold reflects – use dry

The palette itself is covered in glitter and is stunning. It has a magnetic closure which I love, a small mirror and it is a great size as well. I think this palette is too beautiful to sit in my drawers, so it is on display adding some sparkle to my vanity. The glitter does not come off when handling the compact, which is great.

Desi x Katy Lipstick More Creamer Please

Desi x Katy Lipstick More Creamer Please

Desi x Katy Dose of Colours – Fuego

I don’t own a lot of highlighters. Actually my highlighter collection is a little on the sad side. So I couldn’t let this pass without grabbing one as I was getting a little bored with the ones I do have and was looking for something that was a little more intense. Fuego is a light champagne gold and comes in a glittery palette like ‘The Girls’, just slightly smaller in size.

Desi x Katy Collection 'The Girls' and 'Fuego'

Desi x Katy Collection ‘The Girls’ and ‘Fuego’

The formula is smooth and buttery without any chunks, which is great. One swatch on my arm gives me more depth than any of my highlighters that I already own. So lets say its not a subtle, so if its a natural highlight you are after this isn’t probably for you. I am wishing I grabbed the Mirame as well as it is a rose gold. Fingers crossed I can get it when they do their re-release which I believe is this month. I need to look into this to find out exactly when.

Desi x Katy Dose of Colours – More Creamer Please

Desi x Katy Collection Lipstick 'More Creamer Please'

Desi x Katy Collection Lipstick ‘More Creamer Please’

Where has this lipstick been all of my life? This is my perfect nude colour! Its a beautiful cream texture that lasts well considering it is a lipstick. I would say it lasts longer than most of my current lipsitcks. It is not drying on the lips and feels gorgeous on.

The colour is a brown/peach toned nude. I am always looking for a nude in this tone and they are hard to come by. So as soon as I saw them swatch in on their You-tube video I knew I had to have it. I think I might need to get myself a spare one in case this ever runs out.

The packaging is a matte nude case with rose gold inside. The rose gold part of the casing has the girls signatures on there which is a perfect touch if you ask me.

Desi x Katy swatches

Desi x Katy swatches

Well its official. I am in love! The swatches in my photo just don’t do these colours justice. They have way more shimmer to them than is showing up. For me I think Desi, Katy and Dose of Colours has nailed it. It is totally worth it in my opinion. Did you get your hands on any of it? Would love to know what you got and what you think. Leave me a comment below and if you like my post I would love if you gave it a like, this helps get my post get seen by others. xx


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