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Review | Nayki Organics Flawless Facial Polish

Have I ever mentioned how much I love blogging? Just in case I haven’t, I love everything about it. I love trying new products, writing about them, taking the photos but also the conversations that are created with people in my everyday life that share the same passion. One of these conversations was what lead me to try this product. A friend from work brought some of this facial polish in for me to try as she was in love and said I needed to give it a go. I have since gone and bought myself a bottle as it quickly became something I couldn’t live without.

Company Claims 

‘Discover your skins natural beauty with our water-activated exfoliant made from rice  powder, orange peel, gotu kola and Kaolin Clay, finely ground pumice stone, this face scrub effectively removes dead skin whilst stimulating circulation to encourage cell renewal and improve overall skin texture. Plus addition of Gotu Kola to help stimulate collagen production, leaving the skin glowing.’

Packaging and Product

The product itself is in a powder form. I have never used a face product like it before. You only need to add 1 teaspoon to the palm of your hand and drip in enough water to create a paste and start washing your face with small circular motions.

The directions say to use it in the shower but I worry this might end in disaster. I would hate to get water in the bottle or knock it over and loose it all. So I tend to do this one at the bathroom vanity after I have double cleansed.

The product comes in a simple cardboard box which contains a glass bottle with a black label. It is quite cute and completely different. The bottle holds 100 mls of powder for $20 which I think is great value especially as you don’t need to use much.

My Experience

There was no directions on how often to use it. I guess it would depend on your skin type and sensitivity. I started out with using it twice a week in the first week. Just to see how it went. I wasn’t sure it would do anything overly dramatic as it wasn’t rough on my face at all. But the effect was almost immediate! My skin was perfectly smooth and felt extremely clean. My serums absorbed into my skin like a dream. It reminded me of my face after I have had a dermabrasion! I have started this week using this most nights as part of my skin care routine. I am really impressed and have to say my skin hasn’t looked like this in…well…..forever!

For oily skin types, you can also leave it on as a bit of a mask to help absorb any excess oil. I haven’t tried this yet as my skin has been really good and not on the oily side of late, but will definitely be giving it a go in the future.

Final Thoughts

This polish is my new best friend! My skin has never felt so smooth. I have never had a product leave my skin feeling like this. It does not feel harsh on the face. My makeup has been applying like a dream in the mornings I just can’t fault it. For those that wouldn’t like to use this on a daily basis, I think it would be great to use the night before an event to give your makeup application a beautifully prepped surface.

To top it off, the Nayki Skin Care range was created in 2012 by two mums…. and we all know how much I love supporting small mum businesses. For all of my international readers….they ship overseas as well! Woohoo!!

Have you tried anything from this brand? or a similar product from a different brand? I would love to know. xx



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