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My Favourite Maybelline Nude Lipsticks

Waking on Monday morning after a busy weekend is never my favourite time of the week. Dragging my butt out of bed and into the shower is always a challenge. But when I sit down to do my makeup for the day my Mondayitis subsides (for a little while anyway) while I enjoy putting my makeup on for the day. Part of this is of course my lipstick which we all know that ‘Even on a bad day there is always lipstick’.

When it comes to affordable makeup, Maybelline is definitely one of my favourite brands. There are not many of their products that disappoint. In saying that I will say their eyeshadow palettes unfortunately just don’t cut it in my opinion. I have reviewed on of these in the past and you can read about it here. But when it comes to lipsticks they are right up there with the best. So I thought I would share with you my favourites in the nude range.

My Favourite Maybelline Nude Lipsticks

My Favourite Maybelline Nude Lipsticks

Maybelline Nude Lipsticks

Maybelline Color Sensational Stripped Nudes – 740 Coffee Craze

I love everything about this lipstick. The formula is rich and creamy, perfect for those days when my lips just can’t take any more matte days. The colour is a lovely light brown shade so great for everyday wear. Lasting power is pretty good too, not bad for a lippy anyway.


Maybelline Lipstik 740 Coffee Craze

Maybelline Colour Sensational Creamy Matte – 655 Daringly Nude

This lipstick is exactly what they say, creamy matte. It is a great formula for a matte lipstick, less drying than a liquid lipstick. The colour is a gorgeous peachy pink with a warm undertone which of course is right up my ally! It has a completely different feel on the lips, nearly a velvet texture. I have to say though, even though it is a creamy texture I can’t wear it too many days in a row as it does make my lips dry.


Maybelline Lipsticks L-R Daringly Nude, Coffee Craze and Warm Latte

There is a huge range of colours in this formula. They range from gorgeous nudes to bold and bright and I would love to try some of the bold colours as well. That is something I love about Maybelline, there is never a shortage of colour options.


Maybelline Colour Sensational Rebel Bloom  – 700 Barely Bloomed

This lipstick is one I picked up on a clearance table in my local Woolworths (for $3 if I remember correctly). It is a cute light peach with warm undertone. It is a sheer coverage so not something I wear on its own as I like to have some colour on my lips. But I like it over my Daringly Nude lipstick for a bit of an added sheen and really helps pop the colour. I am not really sure if this lipstick is still available as I can’t seem to find it when I google for it. I am wondering if it may have been a limited edition lipstick hence why I found it on a clearance table. My apologies if this is the case but I still wanted to mention it as it is a cute colour.


Maybelline Lipsticks L-R Warm Latte, Daringly Nude, Coffee Craze and Barely Bloomed


Maybelline Colour Sensational – 300 Warm Latte

I have saved my favourite for last. This lipstick is a gorgeous peach/coppery colour with a hint of metallic sheen to it. It is so comfortable to wear on the lips. I really don’t wear this one enough. I think I will give it a go with the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette as they are a similar tone so should work well together.


Maybelline Lipstick in Warm Latte


Maybelline Lipstick in Warm Latte with Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

With so many options from the Maybelline range there is definitely a lipstick colour for every occasion. I would love to know what your favourite colours are so let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to give this post a like and subscribe to stay up to date. xx



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