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Current Favourite | Lip Combo

We all have that favourite makeup combination that becomes our safe haven! We know that it works together and we love it! At the moment for me it is a lip combo that I am really enjoying. So I thought I would share it with you.

Lip Liner

Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Liner in Tiramisu – I picked this lip liner up in the Priceline 40% off sales recently. (If you would like to read my haul post you will find it here.) This is my first Lip liner from this range and it is such a nice colour and formula. It lasts well and is not drying on the lips. It is also very close in colour to my Estee Lauder lip liner in Spice which is one of my favourite lip liners but is not on the affordable side of the bridge. So would be a great dupe in my opinion.


Website claims: ‘Rimmel’s long wear pencil lip liner Comfortable wear up to 8 hours Creamy texture which glides on precisely on lips. Rich vibrant colour blends.’


Mac in the colour Myth – I only have a few lipsticks from Mac. I purchased this one after watching Chrisspy use this lipstick in her go to signature look video. Can I just say I love Chrisspy! if you haven’t watched any of her videos then you are missing out! When I first bought it I was a little unsure as it was very light on my lips and disappeared into my skin but I have began to love using it to create an ombre effect over brown toned lip liners or lipsticks.



Covergirl Colorlicious lip gloss in the colour melted toffee. I talked about these lip glosses in my Priceline Mini Haul post (you can read it here). I am loving this colour. It is very similar to the Mac lipstick in Myth, so works perfectly over the top to give it a little bit of shine helping to create that fuller lip look.


The swatches really don’t do this lipgloss justice. It is a beautiful nude muted pink shade.  What is your favourite lip combo at the moment? Would love to know! I am always looking for new ideas especially in the nude range.


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