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First Impressions -Maybelline NY Bricks Bronzer

So I seem to be road testing quite a few Maybelline products of late! They must be doing something right with their packaging as it has been grabbing my attention!


I saw the NY Bricks Bronzer Palette for the first time last week in my local Woolworths and it was 40% off. This brought the price down to $13.00. If you read my blogs regularly you will know that I won’t pay full price for a drugstore product but if I see them on sale I am all over them! There was only one colour option available on the shelf and I couldn’t see a colour listed anywhere on the outside packaging. It did look like a darker toned bronzer so thought I would give it a go.


The packaging itself is gorgeous! It is a sturdy plastic that clasps shut. The front is a metallic bronze with quite a large clear section so that you can see the product through the front. The palette is quite thin and compact so easy to slip into your bag or to take with you  when travelling.

Inside it is black plastic packaging surrounding one large pan of product. One third being a shimmery brick style highlight and the other two thirds are a matte bronzer. There is no mirror inside, but the inside of the lid is a mirror like reflective surface. This however is only a small amount of space so would be pretty hard to use for applying touchups.


Website Claims

‘What it is: Bricks Bronzer is our all in one bronzing palette! Benefits: Our palette has been designed with shimmery as well as matte bricks to enable you to achieve endless bronzed looks based on the occasion. How to use/apply: Apply the matte bricks all over face for a warmer complexion or in precise areas to define your natural features. Finish your look with the shimmery bricks over areas where the light naturally hits to add some depth and emphasise your natural glow.’

Maybelline NY Bronzer Brick Palette

Wear Test

So I used the bronzer as I normally would. Across my check bones, around my temples, forehead and hairline to give me a warm bronzed look. I was quite impressed with how well it applied. It wasn’t patchy or scary overly pigmented, building up nicely without being too heavy upon first application. A bronzer really needs to be easy to work with. No-one wants it to go on heavy and then not be able to blend it out. There wasn’t too much fall out either. So bonus points all around.

I applied my makeup at 5.30am and didn’t really look overly hard in the mirror until (other than a lipstick top up after lunch). When I got home at 3 and checked in the mirror properly I was pretty impressed. The bronzer had held up well throughout the day and didn’t need a touch up at all. I checked again at about 7.30pm before jumping in the shower. I had been for a huge walk with my husband and was sweating quite a bit as it was a humid evening. Bronzer was still intact! Huge tick from me for the wear test!

The Shimmer brick third gives a shimmery bronzed glow. This can be used over the top of the bronzer to give you more a shimmery bronzed goddess look. I am not a huge fan of a shimmer bronzer as I have large pores and uneven skin tone. I find a shimmer just emphasises this more. So I only applied this on the spots I would usually apply my highlighter, the high points on my cheek and above my eyebrows.



My final thoughts

When I first purchased this palette I couldn’t tell what the colour was. When I opened the outside packaging I noticed a sticker that said ’01 Blondes’. Really? I thought it looked a little dark to be the lightest option in the range. So I looked up the website and was surprised to see there was only one colour option! As usual, maybelline are lacking in colour options, but seriously, one is a little ridiculous!

Being a medium skin tone on the yellow side I really like the colour on me. Especially in summer I like a heavier bronze tone to help with my summer glow. However I struggle to see how a fairer skinned blonde could get away with wearing this. I think it would be just too heavy for them. Maybe with a very light hand on a large fluffy brush it may blend out fine but I think I would sway more towards the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil (review here) or Benefit Hoola bronzer for a lighter skin tone.

All in all I am happy with this bronzer and it will be in my regular bronzer rotation. Have you tried this palette yet? What did you think? xx


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