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Brush Cleaning Mat for $1?!?

Everyone hates cleaning their makeup brushes! Me included! I had thought about buying a brush cleaning mat, but every time I walked into Priceline there was makeup I would rather spend my $30 on. So I would leave without it! I just couldn’t justify the price.

A friend of mine uses a site called to buy all sorts of things. So I thought I would have a look and see what I could find. Being a makeup junkie I looked at all things makeup and came across a few versions of a makeup brush cleaning mat.

The first one I purchased was a Silicone Makeup Cleaning Mat.  It was a square shape with a suction cap on the back. It came in a variety of colours and it was USD$0.99…Yes you read correctly…only $1.  Shipping?  Free to Australia!!  So I thought why not!

Now I haven’t used a more expensive version so I guess I cannot compare it to one. But then again, it is just a silicone mat with little lumps and bumps to help clean the brush. So I can’t imagine there would be much difference.

The mat itself is not as big as the Real Techniques one, probably closer to half the size. The idea is you are supposed to be able to suction it onto the sink and use it from there. I found the suction cap did not work the best. But it is a great handle for hanging onto the mat while cleaning. Which I think works better anyway!  Size wise? I don’t think it needs to be any bigger as I only clean one brush at a time and is easy to hold onto. Being more compact it is easy to store between uses and is a great size for travelling as well!

While watching YouTube I had also watched a video of an egg shape silicone brush cleaner.  This was something you slipped two fingers into and held under running water while washing the brush. This was also available on Ali Express! So I grabbed one of these as well. It looked like a great idea when I watched it being used.

I have to say I didn’t really like this one. It was a pain to use! Having to slip it on and off the whole time was just fiddly. I definitely prefer the mat version better.

Verdict? I really think the Silicone Makeup Cleaning Mat is the way to go! Great size for use and storage, awesome colour range and a bargain price!

Have you used Ali Express and found any great bargains? Would love to hear about them in the comments below. xx


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