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Oval Brushes by Simple Glam Girls.

As an obsessed Makeup Junkie, I spend my down time watching You tube, browsing Instagram and Pinterest and reading makeup and beauty blogs. So when everyone started raving about the Artis oval brushes I was intrigued. Problem was the price! For the 10 Brush Set I was looking at $360! I just couldn’t justify the price tag. So these little babies never made it into my collection.

Then mid last year I noticed Stefan hair dressers also had a version of the oval brush. With a better price tag of $18, I quickly grabbed the Foundation Airbrush to see what the hype was all about.

I was really excited to try the Stefan brush, but sadly I wasn’t overly impressed.  I felt that the bristles were not as soft as I was hoping and it left a streaky finish, the foundation seemed to get lost in the brush and it definitely wasn’t as dense as I expected.  It was also quite small in size, so for an all over application, this made it a little too fiddly for me.  However I did use it to help finish off my under eye concealer. So all wasn’t lost as it still found a regular spot in my daily makeup routine. But it did not entice me to look further into purchasing other oval brushes.

Recently Simple Glam Girls sent me a set of their Lush Rose Gold Oval Makeup Brush set to try. I was a little unsure if I would like them but looked forward to giving them a go.

When they arrived the post pack was Pink! Super cute before I even open the parcel! The brushes themselves were all packaged in a cute metallic purple box. So when it comes to the packaging, it is definitely girly.

The brushes themselves are extremely soft! They feel very different to my Stefan oval brush. They seemed to be more dense than the Stefan one. The handles them selves are cute, but do feel a little bendy. This however doesn’t seem to affect the usage of the brush and feels sturdy when using. I found the best way to apply the foundation was to place my pointer finger on the head of the brush, this helps support it during application.

The brushes do not have a logo anywhere which is a little disappointing. It would give them more of an expensive feel but I guess this is not totally necessary.

For my first time using the brushes I tried the second largest brush to apply my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. I applied the foundation in spots over the face and blended it with the brush. All I can say is WOW!!!  The brush was smooth and soft and the makeup glided on like a dream. I often layer my foundation, as I need a little more coverage in spots, so applied a second layer. This also went one beautifully. The finish was flawless – no streaks. I have to say I am in love!!

To apply my conealer under the eyes I used the smallest oval brush. This gave me beautiful coverage and an amazing finish. Covered my dark circles with ease! No where near as much effort as I normally need to put in to get my under eye area creaseless.

I have played with some of the other brushes for eyeshadow and some detailed contouring. They are great for the inner corner highlight and the outer v on the eyes, but I cannot live without a good fluffy brush for crease work and blending.  My next test will be contouring with cream contouring.

The price is a lot more affordable than the Artis Oval Brush set.  At $129 I think they are great value for 10 brushes. They also have the Supremely Awesome 10 brush set for only $99.  Simple Glam Girls have been kind enough to give me a discount code (ShellieBelle) for you to use at checkout that will give you 20% off!!  With their free shipping makes them amazing value!!


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Disclaimer: Simple Glam Girls sent this brush set to me for free with the request of one photo on instagram (which I have done).  They have not asked me to review these brushes and I have chosen to because I have fallen in love and wanted to share my experience with you. My reviews are my honest opinion whether they are sent to me for free or I have paid for them myself.

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