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Loreal Infallible Matte Foundation Review

I have had this foundation since the middle of last year which was winter here in Australia. Everyone was loving it in the You-tube world so I decided to give it a go.

Now before I go any further I will give you a little rundown on my skin type. In summer I am a hot sweaty mess – oil galore!! But in winter my T-zone is still oily but not as bad and I have dry areas on my chin and cheeks.

Loreal Infallible 24HR Matte Foundation

So when I first tried the Infallible Matte Foundation, it was winter and my skin was oily and dry all at the same time. Very difficult to work with! after a few times wearing it I had decided it was not for me. It was so matte it made areas of my face feel tight and uncomfortable, so in the drawer it went.

Last week I did some rearranging and cleaning out of my makeup collection and came across this foundation again. Now that it is Summer and at its peak with a heatwave going on I thought it would be a good time to give it another go.

Their website states:Infalliable Matte Foundation – Perfect Matte Finish that Lasts for 24 Hours: Infallible Matte is an easy to spread, lightweight, liquid emulsion that is never dull and never cakey. Infallible Matte resists sweat, stress, heat and humidity with no shine and no mask effect. Combining extreme hold and absolute comfort, the matte formula is impeccable all day with no touch-ups required. Only the smoothest formula that lets your skin breathe, containing 1/3 water for a stretching glide and maximum comfort for all day wear. Perlite technology acts like mineral micro sponges to help absorb excess oil and water, so it is clinically proven waterproof, sweat proof and steam proof.’

The foundation comes in a 35ml tube.  So you get a great amount of product.  The tube is great for travelling as you can throw it in your bag without the risk of it breaking or leaking. Full price it is $30, which I think is a little steep for a drug store foundation, so I would wait and buy it when it is on sale – this is the only time I buy drug store makeup!

Application: I usually apply my foundations with a stippling motion using the Nude by Nature buffing brush.  I then go over the first layer with the beauty blender to smooth out the finish further. This gives me a flawless finish. If I want to build the coverage up I use the beauty blender for the second layer in the areas that I want more coverage. With the Infalliable Matte Foundation I still didn’t feel like the coverage was as good or as flawless as some of my other go to foundations but it still looked nice and gave me a matte finish.

Wear time: After 10 hours of wear, about half of this time was in air-conditioning, my foundation had held up ok. I was only a little shiny (I have been worse) and the foundation had broken up in some of my problem areas.  The corner of my nose and chin the worst affected, but still passable and I still looked like I had makeup on.  I also want to say, to be fair, we are in the middle of a heat wave with average daily temp being 34 degrees and humidity through the roof!  It is currently 5.43 pm and the temp is still 29 degrees! I am definitely testing it in the extreme!

Verdict? Not sure it would last the 24 hours as it states but it did hold up well. I like a medium to heavy coverage and to me this is more between a light and medium coverage but great for every day wear as it was comfortable on and didn’t feel heavy or get cakey.  Compared to my ride or die foundations? I still prefer my Estee Lauder Double Wear (I talk about it here) and Urban Decay All Nighter, but for a drugstore option with a matte finish, this foundation is not far behind.

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