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Nars Eyeshadow – Galapagos

So this review is a ‘you-tube made me buy it’ product….come on admit it, you have all had this happen to you. They make it look amazing and you are convinced you cannot live without it and voila!  it is now part of your collection. So is this one a hit or a miss…..

I watched Lustrelux use this particular eyeshadow in a few different tutorials so when I saw it in Mecca I decided to give it a go. I am a huge sucker for a brown eyeshadow as I prefer a dark brown rather than a black to deepen the crease.

On their website it states: Galapagos – Bitter chocolate infused with gold. Luminous, light-reflecting powders for shading, highlighting and lining eyes. Highly pigmented, long-wearing, crease-resistant colors glide on smoothly and evenly and blend effortlessly. Can be applied sheer or layered for a more dramatic effect. 

  • True color application
  • Can be applied dry or with a dampened brush for heightened intensity
  • Multi-function use for shading, highlighting and lining the eyes
  • Sophisticated, luminous shades

I hadn’t bought any of the Nars eyeshadows before. Price wise, probably a little more expensive than I would like. But swatching it in store, it felt gorgeous, the packaging was sleek and beautiful, and the colour was right up my alley. I was convinced I would use this very regularly.

The colour itself is a deep brown with a gold fleck through it. Stunning!! However I don’t feel like the gold fleck really shows up as it seems to blend out. But then I am a glitter kinda girl, so I expect any kind of sparkle to be seen from space, anything less may as well be matte! I also trialled this with a spray of Mac fix + and patted the colour on with a dense brush. This gave the colour more depth and increased the gold reflect.

The verdict?  I do love this eyeshadow. It is different to any other colour I have and it will definitely be a go to colour for me. If you like more sparkle or are looking for a duo chrome affect then this is not the eyeshadow for you. I feel the best way to describe it would be a matte shade with a gentle gold fleck.

Do you have any Nars Eyeshadows?  What is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below. xx

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